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Cultivating a better culture

Here at the co-op, we believe good company is part of what makes a great company.

It’s why we strive in everything we do to foster a culture of respect, belonging and hard work as we steward this one and only planet we live on.

Because it’s who we are as individuals that makes us powerful as a whole.

Better together: Living out the Co-op Way

We are always seeking, creating and building better—and we 
achieve this goal through the Co-op Way.

The Co-op Way is our common story of why we are here, what we are here to do, and how we choose to do it. When we ask ourselves, “How can I make the best of this career? How can I work to make the co-op a better place for everyone?” We find our answer in the Co-op Way.

When you join the co-op, you receive a copy of The Co-op Way, 
which explains our principles and values in action.

A career you love, the flexibility you deserve

ProDeals &
Free Rental Gear

ProDeals bring retail partners into your hands at a discounted rate only outdoor pros can enjoy. Rent gear for free from your local store for your adventures.

Twinkie Roast

The legend of the Twinkie Roast was born in 1976 when the first roasted Twinkie brought a good snow year! This annual tradition continues to this day.

Tuition Assistance

The REACH program offers tuition reimbursement to employees for out-of-pocket costs incurred while completing a certificate or degree program that relates to the business we do here at REI.

Opt Outside on Black Friday

Since 2015, we’ve closed our doors on Black Friday, and in 2022, we made the decision to make 
#OptOutside a permanent paid day off for all co-op employees.


On your 15-year service anniversary (and every 5 years thereafter), you will earn a consecutive four-week, company-paid sabbatical.

Challenge Grant

Submit a grant proposal about an activity that’s a challenge for you, and you can get retail credit for the purchase of REI Co-op brand merch for your activity of choice!

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Working at the co-op

How we work

When you work at the co-op, every day is an adventure! To enable you to bring your best and most authentic self to work, we have embraced several modes of work, depending on your position.

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Employees whose work requires them to be in a store or distribution center, or out in nature guiding others on experiences and adventures, will have the opportunity to connect with each other during each shift at their designated onsite locations.

You can choose to work from one of our area office locations 
or from the comfort of your home, based on the specific requirements of your role and team.

At the co-op, we have fully embraced a dispersed, remote work model for numerous corporate employees. As a result, our teams extend from coast-to-coast across the United States, serving the co-op across all time zones.

What better means to REI employees


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